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The story
in a a few words

In 2018 upstep’s adventure takes shape.
2 entrepreneurs, from the consulting sector and boosted by the desire to create a team created the company in order
to support local players in their business transformations. 
The goal is to bring out value while creating an environment based on human values.



Our vision

The current acceleration of business’ transformation poses a challenge to society and established business models. Change management and its deployment strategy are more than ever decisive to enable teams to adapt quickly to contexts changing constantly. Therefore, the implementation of the strategic plan must be agile and dynamic in order to reach the business goals and increase shareholders’ and employees’ confidence. 

upstep is a consulting company born in Lyon from these facts. Beyond our structured approach combining vision and pragmatism, we wish to bring together your managers, your teams, your partners and your customers around your projects so that they can create value on the long term. 

Thanks to our expertise and our ability to understand in depth the companies’ issues, we go along with you from the construction of the project roadmap to the success of the strategy. With an entrepreneurial mindset, we have an adaptable approach to respond effectively and efficiently to your needs. 

In order to create business value, the design of a project is as important as the intended goals and the defined strategy.
We see a project plan as a real business plan enabling the project structuration taking into account the risks, the assumptions and their variations, as well as the expectations and the skills rise of the actors involved.
In our opinion, the implementation of a strategy requires the combination of a long-term vision and a pragmatic understanding of the operational workplace.

@upstep we are convinced that co-construction is key for transformation’s success and that the ability to rally teams is essential both for project management and the achievement of goals.
In our approach on change management, we are committed to integrating operational teams in order to define together the project’s ambition, as well as its deployment strategy. It also ensures ownership of transformation projects by teams that will quickly become ambassadors in your company. To promote the emergence of collective intelligence, we are committed to providing your teams with goodwill, energy, sense of attentive listening and transmission. 


Our engagement

@upstep we place the human at the center of operational strategy projects. We pay particular attention to the quality of the relationship we develop during our assignments and to our communication’s exemplarity.

In order to be actors of the transformation we make sure to remain agile, and to stay up to date with in-service training. We would like upstep to be a showcase of the best practices we implement at our customers’ workplace. We want our team to be fully focused on the success of our clients’ projects. Our team will be able to adapt to different contexts encountered, while bringing a critical and constructive perspective. Our commitment also comes out as the will to implement all the resources to bring the customer towards an optimal success. This success is for us a goal and a commitment made by each one of us.
Tenacity is our asset to lead you to this success.

@upstep we choose actions and work leads to integrate virtuous and sustainable practices, involving all our stakeholders. We are committed to a sustainable development approach
As it takes a considerable amount of small actions to change the world; in concrete terms, we sponsor a hive in partnership with a local and family business, to contribute (a little) to preserve biodiversity. Looking forward to making you taste the honey labeled upstep!


upstep timeline

upstep’s story begins long before its creation. The idea is gaining ground among associates who see an unanswered need for consulting in operational management. Once business strategies are defined, support in project management is missing, especially for change management. It is to answer this strategic consulting need, for the deployment of change management, that Maïlys and Gustavo join forces and create upstep. These entrepreneurs, rich of their consulting experiences, start building a team which will be able to guide Lyon’s area local actors in their companies’ transformations. What makes upstep’s added value, is the team of consultants and the network we develop.

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Some key figures

upstep, cabinet conseil lyon, 2 confondateurs
upstep, cabinet conseil lyon, 15 personnes dans l'équipe
upstep, cabinet conseil lyon, 200% des croissance des effectifs en 2019
upstep, cabinet conseil lyon, plus de 10 ans d'expériences par consultant
upstep, cabinet conseil lyon, 1 objectif commun, la réussite