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upstep’s team

With upstep, you create a partnership with a company involved to meet your goals in a pragmatic and sustainable way, adapted to contexts and issues which are specific to each client.

You rely on a team of experienced consultants with diverse backgrounds, great interpersonal skills and a communicative energy.
Rich of our experiences acquired in various fields of activity, in company and in consulting firms, our team adapts quickly to your environment while bringing a fresh perspective. Passionate about meeting our customers’ challenges and supported by a technical direction to capitalize on our varied achievements, we enjoy working together with our customers and their partners, in specific environments, to discover and live enriching experiences.

Thus, for each project, we deploy methods adapted to the challenges, relying on our consultants’ expertise which complement one another. Our communication capacities make it possible to federate around a common objective, to mobilize resources and specific expertise.

Gustavo, directeur général upstep, équipe upstep



Passionate about challenges and human adventures,
Mechanical and Biomedical Engineer. My international background, and my experiences in several areas of activity in project management and business development have led to the desire to creating upstep and the opportunity to lead this project.

Maïlys, responsable du développement upstep




Sales manager by heart, I like to meet people to discover their company, their experience and specially to create collaborations. In my job I like to go find a project with specific issues that, I know, will motivate especially a consultant.

Margot, responsable marketing upstep



Pharmacist graduated from a business school; after having worked in operational excellence, market research and pharmaceutical outsourcing, I joined upstep! Enthusiastic and rigorous, I like to put my practical creativity at the service of meaningful projects.

Hélène, responsable du développement upstep



Pharmaceutical engineer, graduated in international business with an MBA in digital marketing, I evolve for over 15 years in consulting firms. Clients and results business oriented, I always involve myself 100% in the service of your teams and your transformation projects.

Maud, consultante upstep



11 years of projects in very varied sectors of activity to answer questions of all kinds! An experience that has made my professional life rich. Empathetic in nature, my journey reflects this aspect of my personality and I have made it a strength in my work.

Thibault, consultant upstep



Entrepreneur then project manager, I have 10 years of experience in the organization of projects. I like to work with the operational team to co-build the organization of activities that will lead to the achievement of objectives. I need things to move quickly without giving me time to get bored.

avatar upstep, nouveau(elle) consultant(e), pourquoi pas vous ?


and you ?

Willing to be part of upstep’s story ?

Muriel, consultante upstep



Curious and traveler, I enriched my skills in project management during my experiences in Beijing, Singapore, Frankfurt and Lyon. I worked in various technical areas. It is this dynamic of discovery of new areas of activity and new teams that nourishes my creativity.

Laurielle, consultante upstep



To listen, to federate, to accompany, to orchestrate are my driving forces for more than 15 years. I have led complex projects in various multicultural environments. Dynamic, empathic, proactive, I drive teams, staying aligned with the business needs, to find the right balance in an organization.

Stanislas, consultant upstep



Consultant for Pharma, BioTech and MedTech companies, I accompany them bringing my skills in the management of biotechnology projects. I am particularly interested in innovative projects, their specific technical, strategic and regulatory constraints being so much challenging. 

Anna, consultante upstep



More than 10 years of experience, a Mechanical Engineering degree, and an experience with complementary aspects. I combine the rigor and method of the world of industry, to goodwill and dynamism to transmit my methods and my knowledge, learn from others, and get the best of each one.