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Digital transformation

Definition of a corporate repository, and implementation of data governance and IT solutions enabling product information digitalization.



Context: The future implementation of a global standard impacts the rules and constraints of the company’s sector. To anticipate this change and be regulatory compliant, this industrial group must redesign its global IT architecture to enable its information system to be more efficient, taking into account the criticality of its data management quality.

Objective: Implement the human and technical ecosystem around this product repository.

Achievements: Our contribution within the strategy implementation department, and as program coordinator:

Manage and steer the cross-functional program: structure, animate and monitor the successful implementation of the program
Coordinate the application set around the product referential: coordinate at a global level the uses and evolutions of industrial applications in order to harmonize practices at the field level, locally, as well as at the IT level, at the global level
Implement data integrity constraints in existing systems by defining management processes
Create a specific application: support needs definition, prioritize and establish application governance within a complex and changing application ecosystem
Organize skills management for the post-project: anticipate post-project management to ensure that the client takes control of the topics and actions to be carried out.

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Industry 4.0

Co-building of a modular, adaptable and agile future plant design strategy.


Context: In a rapidly changing market (product demand and regulatory constraints), the company must change its classic production method, where all activity variations have a high time and cost impact. Through this program, the company wants to introduce new disruptive technologies to enable: agility, scalability & digitalization.

Objective: To achieve a realistic industrial strategy in accordance with the company existing ambitions and constraints.

Achievements: We support the strategic team and coordinate with the different project managers to co-build a clear vision of the critical parameters impacting the choice of the strategy:

• Foster innovation
• Define ambition and critical parameters
• Organize cross-functionals workshops
• Co-build the risk analysis and mitigation plan
• Develop decision trees
• Monitor the action plan & prepare the communication supports for decision-making committees

transformation organisationnelle, expériences upstep, cabinet conseil lyon



Implementation of a new organization to manage Pharmacopoeias’ changes during the products life cycle.



Context: Pharmacopoeias’s evolution (China, Japan, Russia, etc.) represents a challenge for the pharmaceutical industry in terms of regulatory compliance and industrial implementation. The company wants to set up a new organization to meet these challenges.

Objective: Design the implementation strategy of the new organization at all levels: global, subsidiaries and industrial sites.

Achievements: We conducted with the client in framing phase and the launch of the project:

• Conduct an opportunity study to confirm the project needs and ambitions while aligning all stakeholders
• Build a business case and its related project plan
Coordinate the technical and business teams to build the information for the file construction
Organize cross-functional workshops
Monitor the action plan & prepare the communication supports for the management committees

Conduite de changement et communication, expériences upstep, cabinet conseil lyon


Change management
and Communication

Support in the change management of a digital transformation program in order to get together as a group the teams around the identified program goals.



Context: As part of an organizational transformation project and in the implementation of a data management governance, the support of the business teams in the definition and appropriation of the new roles is essential.

Objective: Co-define the communication strategy to address all the stakeholders and possible outcomes of the project in order to obtain a clear vision of the levers and associated risks to co-build the change management plan.

Achievements: We took part of the project with the aim of reorient it:

• Prepare, organize and animate collaborative workshops to co-build the impact analysis
• Build the change management plan
• Prepare the communication and training kits
Support all stakeholders in the execution of the change management plan

gestion des priorités du comité éxécutif, expériences upstep, cabinet conseil lyon


Management of
the executive committee’s priorities

Definition and implementation of a process for monitoring the executive committee’s priorities.



Context: The implementation of priority initiatives of an executive committee, materialized by deliverables to achieve the company’s strategy, requires a definition and a clear follow-up. The company wants to set up a harmonized process between the various departments, in order to have a clear and accurate visibility on the progress of priority projects for the executive committee members.

Objective: definition, implementation and follow-up of the monitoring process of the executive committee priorities with the representatives of each function.

Achievements: Within the strategy implementation department, we designed and coordinated the following steps:

• Define need through interviews with the CEO and members of the Executive Committee
• Co-define with the business teams the steps and process workflows
• Implement reporting tools: database consolidation, dashboards, SMART KPIS
• Initialization of the process and follow-up of priorities