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From strategy straight to success

Strong thanks to our multiple experiences, we have developed a pragmatic and agile approachto turn your strategy into operational results. With our methodoloy and rigor, we support each of our clients’ specific situation, with the peculiarities of their environment and their context. Our skills and our capacity for adaptation allow us to work on a wide range of strategic projects, in various sectors, on topics such as digital, industrial or organizational transformation.


Our know-how

upstep offer a 3 steps approach, based on the different phases of a project:







Our approach is based on 2 essential work axes : project management and change management. They are complementary.
Any change requires a project framing. Every project requires support for change.

upstep, gestion de projet et conduite de changement

Project management

Co-build with your teams a project plan and the associated deliverables

Anticipate, mitigate and monitor risks

Develop and monitor appropriate
performance indicators (SMART KPIs)

Facilitate support for management decision-making through our rigor and clarity of communication

Guide the success of your project

Change management

Define and share with your teams the joint ambition of the project

Communicate clearly and appropriately to all those involved and / or impacted

Anticipate the potential impacts of the transformation project

Obtain the adherence and assimilation of all

Establish a communication plan and a change management plan

Therefore, we bring you our expertise and our consultants in management, in change management, and in project management.
We are convinced that the complementarity of these two work axes makes it possible to manage projects in a functional way while creating value throughout their realization.



Let’s turn your strategy into a project plan!

We work on this framing phase, after the definition of your strategy.
You have defined ambition, and objectives of your project. We bring you the right help, adapted to your teams and needs, to define together the target to be achieved, validate the usefulness and purpose of your project, from strategy straight to success.

We support you on these different stages of opportunity study, feasibility, writing of a business case and a project plan.
This phase should allow you to validate the reason why of the project, ensure the compliance with your company’s overall objectives, the financials, organizational and technical reliability of your project through different inputs as:

• The definition, the validation of the scope of your project, and the realization of a benchmark
• Study of different scenarii and case studies with your teams
• Costs, benefits, return on investment (ROI) analysis
• Regulatory and norms analysis
• Analysis and implementation of a risk mitigation plan
• Monitoring deadlines and defining a roadmap
• The production of a scoping note, a feasibility file and/or a business case and a project plan.

All these “technical” aspects are nothing without the men and women who work on your projects. It is therefore essential to make a focus on onboarding the right people on your projects, identifying the key resources in your teams, get a deep understanding of the global context and assessment of the change impacts for the whole organization and / or your customers / users.

For this, we work with methods of service design and decision support, in order to facilitate collaborative workshops and to engage your teams.
We will help you on the implementation of the change management strategy, the communication plan of the project, and a quality plan (or insurance quality plan) in order to get a rapid alignment and appropriation of the largest number in the best conditions.



From launch to closing, we are committed to the success of your project.

You have validated that this project corresponds to your ambitions and defined the main outlines of the next step, let’s proceed to its implementation!
In cooking, you have to combine the right ingredients at the right time with the right tools used by the right people over a defined time, while taking into account different parameters.
When performing your project, it is the same.

The launch phase, or kick-off project, corresponds to the alignment of stakeholders with the project outlines (schedule, costs, quality, vision…), distribution of roles and responsibilities and KPI (or performance indicators) to monitor in order to validate the successful achievement of the expected result.

We also support you on project management, implementation, and act as project manager, project director, or PMO depending on your organization, having a particular attention on change management, team management, resource and expertise mobilization, as well as communication. We rely on decision-making support methods, training, collaborative intelligence and scenario workshops.

To make the right decisions, you need to have the right input. We therefore ensure, with you or for you, the implementation of reports to monitor the schedule and deliverables, budget, mitigation plan shared with you throughout the project.

A project is not completed until a rigorous and formal closure has been completed with a project close-out file. We attach particular importance to the successful completion of the projects we carry out. It is the time for the final assessment, allowing to validate the correct achievement of the objectives targeted, to make a REX (return of experience) with your teams in order to define what to stop doing, what must last or be improved, or what to implement. We will then draw together the prospective actions to conduct or improvement plans to be put in place, both from a technical and human point of view.
Your teams now have all the keys in hand to carry out the post go live of the project (operational maintenance, process monitoring, etc.).



Let’s validate that the objective is well achieved and make it sustainable!

It occurs that project closure has not been completed by the delivery teams, so that’s where we start: have a clear status report in terms of KPI, level of achievement of objectives, to end with the most complete feedback as possible.
Once this stage done, we can look to the future!

In order for your project to be a real success, we support its transition to the operational mode (‘Run’), we ensure that the business value achieved is sustainable and robust over the long term.
We help you in obtaining a certification, in conducing the transition from project mode to operational mode (‘Run’) if it was not carried out during the closing phase, the improvement of processes and procedures following the first feedbacks, and support for your operational staff.
We define and implement with you the team in charge of continuous improvement, and the momentum created or, few years after the end of the project, to bring a new perspective.



Fields of expertise

upstep assists innovative companies, advanced industries and services companies in their transformation, investment or change management projects.

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